Whether you are a large business, small business, or individual you need an online presence. The internet has played such a crucial role in the world in which we live, that everyone needs a website, and everyone needs security. With identity theft being what it is today, having a server on which to host your site is simply not enough. You need the highest security available and need to make sure that everything is protected. For more than 10 years we have been on the cutting edge of web hosting and server security and believe that we have what it takes to become your new home for web hosting in Grand Rapids.

The thing about web hosting is that there are tons of sites out there that offer virtually the same services. The difference is that there are varying prices and levels of security, and many sites do not illustrate just how secure their servers are. We offer the best servers in the world using the latest in cutting edge technology and security settings. Our encryption software is the best on the market and we offer legendary customer service. Aside from being the fastest and most secure hosting company in the world, we are also dedicated to building a community that lets people know that they do not have to navigate this online world alone, and that we are here to help with Promotional Offers – Small Orange, iPage, ideahost.

What is important to us is that everyone has access to a hosting service at a price they can afford. A website is a necessity for everyone, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to give our customers not only the best hosting, but a place to go with any questions they may have regarding web security or simply how to build a better site. Our customers are what is important to us, which is why we have dedicated our site to answering questions rather than keeping our customers in the dark.

Legendary service

You may not have heard of us, but those who have boast about our impeccable security and price as well as the ability to make people feel like a part of something larger. Security aside, our interface is among one of the easiest to use, and we promise that after only one time using our service that you will be sold on how dedicated we are to our customers. In order to create the online entity that we want, we need the help of our customer to give us feedback on how to better service them.

Join us as we take the hosting realm into a brave new place. With the help of our customers, we aim to make the online world much easier to navigate and focus on protecting the security of our customers. Whether you are looking to build a wider influence as an individual or looking to sell your products online, you need security and hosting at a good price. This is the future of hosting and we are a company that truly cares about our customers and having the best software in the world.